A Proven Path to Success in Real Estate

Agents and brokers find the '& Associates' programs attractive for many reasons. For most, it begins with the ability to grow their businesses by branding themselves. After all, why pay to promote the brand of a franchise? We're the perfect alternative to a franchise hands down.

No up-front franchise fees
Most franchises require a hefty up-front fee, not to mention those long-term contracts. Not so with the '& Associates' program. Pay as you go, and only when you make a sale. We earn only as you do. We'd rather be your strategic partner than your loanshark.

Reasonable license fees that actually benefit you
When franchises charge their royalty fees, who really benefits? Those funds aren't spent to advertise your listings and they can't help you sell homes faster or for a higher price. The market determines that.

But what if you could pay a license fee that you knew would be invested into Research & Development to bring you an ever-expanding menu of marketing programs and tools? Programs and tools designed to keep you at the leading edge of the industry, to continually provide you with competitive advantages to bolster your success.

The industry's best marketing programs
Since we don't charge up-front fees, but instead tie our success directly to yours, we're motivated to deliver the best programs and tools you'll find. Click through our site to learn why we say...

Discover A New Approach To Real Estate!

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