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This is the heart and soul of the '& Associates' program because when all is said and done, your career isn't about a franchise. While branding is important, it isn't about someone else's slogans or mascots or hot air balloons. So why would you want to pay a portion of your earnings to subsidize those?

If you're going to pay for a brand, why not invest in branding you?

But let's be clear. Not everyone qualifies. You must have a documented history of success. There is a 'minimum sales per year' requirement and you must be willing to continue to invest in yourself. We require that you add one new industry designation every year and attend industry and educational events twelve times per year. But if you'll make the commitment, we'll back you up with unified graphics and the industry's best programs and tools for success.

And if you're not yet a top performer, we have a program to get you there, too. Click here to learn more about starting on the path to personal branding.

Yates Newberry
The '& Associates' brand lets you do precisely that. It's your name on the logo, your name on the sign, your name on the marketing materials and your name on the card.

Isn't that a better way to promote you?
Your Name
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