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Broker Closings

Nothing happens until somebody sells something
You know it. We know it. And remember, since we don't earn unless you do, we have a vested interest in helping you be your most productive. That's why our exclusive Broker Closing Service is so important.

We all know that in the real estate industry, selling is only half the work. The other half is the inevitable, time-consuming paperwork that follows. And if you're buried with the drudgery of the paperwork, you can't be out selling. We knew that we needed to relieve our agents of the paperwork, but our research also taught us that if we didn't do things differently, if we didn't find a better way, we might alienate our clients.

Some agents form teams and hire closing coordinators. But we discovered that many clients had a "silent complaint." They didn't like being "handed down" to an assistant. It made them feel unimportant and, worse yet, they perceived that agents who sent them to an assistant seemed "condescending" and weren't really earning their fair share of the commission. [Wow, were we surprised!]

But we also found the solution: Nobody objects to being "upstreamed to the boss." So we created our exclusive Broker Closing Service to serve the needs of both agents and their clients, without anyone feeling shortchanged. Here's how it works...

Buyer Side Transactions
Once your buyer-side contract reaches price agreement, you hand the file to the broker-manager. Your job is done.

No kidding.

The broker-manager takes care of everything else including scheduling the inspection, resolving inspection issues, working through loan approval, everything - right through the closing. (Of course, the broker-manager keeps the agent informed every step of the way.) Wow! It can't get better than that, right? Actually, it can. Keep reading...

Listing Side Transactions
It would be great if those offers and negotiations always occurred when it was convenient for you. The problem is that they just don't happen on your schedule. But using the Broker Closing Service, when your listing gets an offer, you can kick back and relax while your broker-manager handles the negotiations, brings it to contract, coordinates the inspection process and every other detail right through the closing, again keeping you informed every step of the way.

At our brokerages, the broker-manager actually earns his share of the commission.  [ How's that for a novel idea! ]  But more importantly...

What do our clients think of it?
This was our greatest concern. And we were delighted that they were so happy with our system!  Just read what they have to say...
Discover A New Approach To Real Estate!
Get Your Life Back

"I was a top producer, closing over a hundred sales per year. Many offers would arrive at night, just as I was trying to wind down. Or worse yet, they'd come in on holidays and I had to leave family gatherings.

After fifteen years of leaving Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners, or Fourth of July barbeques, I discovered the benefits of Broker Closing Service. Now I enjoy my family time - without interruption." 

"I was so tired of missing my kids' soccer games and other activities because my business and family schedules were always in conflict. Each time I had to cancel, I could see the disappointment in their faces.

Then I opted for the Broker Closing Service.  Now I'm finally able to commit the time to my children, and they know that commitment is good."