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Even if you like your broker-manager, having to ask for a better commission split is never fun. And if you don't like your broker-manager, well, it can be downright confrontational. Worse yet, does your broker have one of those quarterly rolling-average bonus plans? You know, the ones nobody can explain in English?

At & Associates, we've eliminated the need to engage in those adversarial discussions. Each year, everyone starts anew at the same commission, but your commission split grows with each additional sale you self-generate - up to sixteen of them. You see, at & Associates, we'd rather give you an incremental raise for each additional transaction you complete, rather than make you argue to get a raise or earn a bonus or wait to earn one.

We've attracted many agents who used to fall under convoluted bonus programs they couldn't understand, let alone explain. Some complained that their old "Quarterly Rolling Average Bonus Program" never really rewarded them at all because the bonus didn't even apply to their "good" quarter. It applied to their next quarter. And if that quarter was a particularly bad one, they never realized any bonus at all.

So which makes more sense to you? The assurance of always getting rewarded for better performance, or the mystery of maybe being rewarded? You may enjoy reading a good mystery, but your commission should never be one.

Discover A New Approach To Real Estate!

Here's how it works:

On each transaction you close, we charge a flat Unit Transaction Fee or "UTF." You keep the rest. But with each succeeding [self-generated] transaction that you close, that flat UTF shrinks incrementally. Of course, there are some exceptions, but generally, with every new deal you do you get a raise.

And you never have to ask for it. 

Fair enough?
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