A Proven Path to Success in Real Estate

There is no better way to ensure future success than to continually innovate your business model. Of course, that takes time, effort and capital. But imagine that you had a team of [only slightly mad] marketing gurus working day after day to keep your business at the cutting edge, always a step or two (or more) ahead of the competition.

Whether the ideas originate from you, another team member, or our [only slightly mad] gurus, the result is regularly delivering new and innovative marketing ideas that you can use to produce more business. Want to see just a couple of them? [We thought so.]

Okay, here's one that helps our agents capture more buyers and provide them the industry's best service.  Click here

And here's another one that helps our agents sell additional houses to the same family.  Click Here  

Want to part of an organization that actually rewards innovation? Then you should talk with us. Give us a call and see how your creativity can be rewarded, not repressed.

Discover A New Approach To Real Estate!
That's another great advantage built into the & Associates network. We're continually asking, "What if?" We experiment, test and refine new ways to make your business better. You save the time and effort of the development. Just add our programs to your repertoire and voila! You benefit!

We also reward those who are creative enough to spawn great new ideas by teaming with you to bring them to fruition. That way everybody wins!
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We put all our secret weapons into what we call 'The Black Box." And those who bring us new, innovative ideas that can be used throughout our network, get to manage their projects from start to market. We call them our 'Black Box Members.'

And those memberships come with some special privileges, too.