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If you think you're ready to build a team great. But let's talk about efficiency. We firmly believe that real estate businesses should foster specialization and cooperation. But there's an efficient way and, well, the way the other guys do it.

Experience real efficiency

At & Associates, we've discovered that there's a better way and it's integral to everything we do. Imagine that the day you arrive you're team's already waiting for you. They're hired, trained, in place and ready to go. It's really a simple concept: The office is your team.

Your team will take your yard sign calls, qualify buyers and make certain they receive the best service in the business. Period.

Even the broker-manager is part of your team

Our 'Broker Closing Service' is so complete that our agents only attend closings to say congratulations, because their broker-managers handle everything. Our agents generally they use their business hours more productively listing and selling more homes.

And come to think of it...
Don't use a bulldozer to move a pebble
You want to build a team so you're free to list more houses, while others take care of buyers, administration and closings. But have you considered what it takes to run a team?  You have to interview, hire, train, monitor, evaluate, review, tweak, hold meetings, account and just when you think everything is running smoothly, someone quits and you have to begin the process all over again.

So if you're busy with all that, when do you have time to do what you intended to do all along? Where's the time left to sell?
Your team is already in place and waiting for you...
the day you arrive!
Wasn't that the reason you wanted a team in the first place?

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