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Our Yard Sign

A sign is a sign is a sign...
Not ours! Our yard sign is anything but usual. In fact, it's one of the many details to which we give so much attention. Our sign is an integral part of your branding, as well as a very special program to capture more buyers and generate more income.

The dispatched agent arrives, ready to show that house, and also others in the neighborhood that meet the customer's criteria. We beat the competition, locking in the buyer for our agents. From the customers' perspective, we've provided service well beyond their expectations.

But we go even further. Now add our Platinum Buyer Service to the mix and you've got a winning combination unmatched by the competition.

Two tools in one
This system provdes a real one-two punch. First, buyers are impressed. Where else can they get such great service? And second, isn't this is a fabulous listing tool? It assures sellers that potential buyers will get to tour the home - immediately! Nobody ever slips through the cracks or buys a competing house because they couldn't tour your listed home in time.

What are you waiting for?
If this sounds good to you, call us and learn even more reasons that we say...

Discover A New Approach To Real Estate!

1.If you qualify, the sign features your personal branding using the '& Associates' unified graphics.

2.It was designed and tested to provide visibility at maximum distance, using a bright and unique color pallette that grabs the eye.

3.It contains a promise. Note that we offer to show that home - or ANY home - within 30 minutes of a call. That's because we leave nothing to chance.  (More about that later...)

4.All our signs display the same, easy to remember phone number: 414-ASAP All yard sign calls are received by our Call Center. They try to contact the listing agents first to see if they can show the house within thirty minutes. If the listing agent declines or can't be reached, another agent is immediately dispatched.
Even more benefit to the listing agent
When that call from your sign comes into our Call Center, it's tracked. So we know that the buyer lead originated from your yard sign. And in keeping with our philosophy that those who generate business share in the income, you'll earn a portion of the buyer-side commission upon the sale.  We call it 'Lead Source' income.

Best of all, it doesn't matter if that buyer purchases the home you listed or any other - even one listed by a competitor. Either way, if a commission is earned from your lead, then you earn 'Lead Source' income.
'Lead Source'
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